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We can offer you a wide range of solutions to help with sports injuries, or simply to increase your performance. It’s important to understand that sometimes the right answer lies with a number of different therapies, making the most of each unique benefit. Whether this is manual therapy or neuro-physio rehabilitation, you can trust our experts to find the most effective solutions for you.

•  Medical acupuncture

•  Manual therapy

•  Exercise therapy

•  Ergonomic and postural advice

•  Sports rehabilitation

•  Sports massage

•  Neuro-physio rehabilitation

•  Post-operative rehabilitation

•  Oxygen therapy to increase treatment outcome

Finding the right treatment for you

At Snowden’s Foot Clinic & Beauty Spa we are constantly looking out for new treatments to maximise our results and increase the effectiveness of our current treatments. Whichever sports therapy that we find works best for you, it’s normally always beneficial to supplement with oxygen therapy. It can promote good health, revitalise the skin, strengthen the immune system, regulate sleep patterns, boost circulation, boost concentration and much more.

The benefits of oxygen in sports therapy

Our oxygen generator takes in the surrounding air and removes all impurities. We then increase the oxygen levels by 150% and supply it to you for inhalation via a headset while you are having one of your treatments.

Effective oxygen therapy to treat sports injuries

Providing Stamford with sports therapy solutions

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