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applying pressure to a knee joint

•  Repetitive strain injuries

•  Sports injuries

•  Back, neck and shoulder pain

•  Chronic pain

•  Whiplash and personal injury

•  Joint and muscle problems

•  Rehabilitation after fractures

•  Joint replacement rehabilitation

•  Work related disorders

•  Postural problems

  • Medical Acupuncture,

  • Manual therapy,

  • Exercise therapy

  • Ergonomic and postural advice

  • Sports rehabilitation and sports massage, Neuro-physio rehabilitation

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

Conditions treated:

Mr Stuart Compton, MCSP, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Chartered Physiotherapist and HCPC registered, BMAS (British Medical Acupuncture Society)

Physiotherapy specialists

We provide professional comprehensive assessments and effective treatment of your condition. Whether you are looking to overcome injuries, eliminate pain, recover from surgery or just be in optimal health Snowdens Physiotherapy has a solution for you.


Our experienced and passionate therapists put you the patient at the centre of all clinical decisions by understanding what you want to achieve, so together we can resolve your symptoms.

•  Medical Acupuncture

•  Manual therapy

•  Exercise therapy

•  Ergonomic and postural advice

•  Sports rehabilitation and sports massage

•  Neuro-physio rehabilitation

•  Rehabilitation after fractures

•  Post-operative rehabilitation

•  Oxygen therapy to increase treatment outcome

• Treatment for nerves e.g. sciatica

Additional treatments also available:

fitting a knee support to a man who uses crutches