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Using the world-renowned Cuccio Europe range of luxurious botanical, organic and therapeutic skin and nail care exclusive to Snowdens Foot Clinic & Nail Spa. A luxurious experience which will relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and "sole".


Whether it's for a quick shape and polish or to add some finishing colour to your medical pedicure (chiropody treatment), our Nail Spa provides professional nail care for both the hands and feet. Be comforted by the fact that all Nail Spa treatments are performed by our professionally trained Nail Technicians who have also had further enhanced training by the principle podiatrist ensuring the health and care of your nails, hands and feet which are of paramount importance to us.

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Quality manicures & pedicures - An Advanced Nail Spa in Stamford

Nail Care Instruments: All our instruments used in our manicures and pedicures are all vacuum packed in individual pouches and sterilized up to 134 degrees centigrade to prevent the transmission of fungal nail infections and any other transmittable skin diseases.


Gel Nails: Our gel nail enhancement range care for the nails. The colour is produced by using minerals (minerals are used in medicine to treat scar tissue). Most gels use nail varnish to produce the colour that can be harmful to the nails if left on your nails for any length of time.


Range of treatments: An extensive range of treatments is available for both ladies and the discerning gentleman. Choose from a routine shape and polish to the luxurious Snowdens Supreme Luxury Manicure and Pedicures. Visit brochures or book a treatment and try for yourself.


Snowdens Nail Spa Treatments For Hands

Snowdens Total Manicure -  45 mins

Snowdens Supreme luxury Manicure - 60 mins

Snowdens Anti Aging hand treatment - 75 mins

Shape and Polish - 30 mins

Gentleman’s Manicure - 20 mins


Snowdens Nail Spa Treatments For Feet

Snowdens Total Pedicure - 45 mins

Snowdens Supreme Luxury Pedicure - 75 mins

Shape and Polish - 30 mins

Gentleman’s Pedicure - 20 mins


Cuccio Gel Nail Enhancements

Gel – Instantly dries and is designed to leave your nails protected with a long lasting polish, resisting chipping and peeling for up to 3 weeks. Our gels use mineral pigments to produce the colour preventing damage to your nails if removed correctly.


Gel Manicure - 60 mins

Gel Pedicure - 60 mins

And much, much more .


Strong evidence shows that fungal nail infections are transmitted by 2 ways, firstly by untreated athletes foot and secondly by the use of unsuitably sterilized instruments used in pedicures.  


UV lights and barbicide type liquids have been shown to be inadequate in killing nail fungi or msra bacteria.  Is your therapist sterilizing his/her instruments in a manner that protects you?


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